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Dr. Ly | Divine Dental Solutions | Dentist Sacramento, CA

Our mission is simple, yet contains many components. First and foremost, it is our goal to provide the Sacramento community with the best dental care possible, while paying special attention to the individual needs of our patients, and to patient education. We have several goals in place to meet those lofty achievements.

1. We work hard to ensure that our dental office is equipped with the latest technology and Dr. Ly and the staff continue our educations to provide the up to date methods and procedures our patients need for good dental health.

2. Divine Dental Solutions, as a team, also promises to provide exceptional results for your patients, from the basic procedures to more in depth smile makeovers and restorative dentistry.

3. Just as important as up to date technology and great results, is excellent customer service. Part of our promise to our patients is to make sure each and every visit is comfortable and productive. Our patients’ comfort is of paramount importance.

In addition to the above mentioned missions, we also strive to work and practice by the Golden Rule. In other words, our patients are assured that they will always be treated with respect, care, and with their best interests in the front of our minds. We also believe in the laws of Karma here at Divine Dental Solutions. Dr. Ly feels that good dental work and fair, respectful treatment of his patients yields good results and building a true community in the office.


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